National campaign against cervical cancer


There starts National Campaign against Cervical cancer. Popular women representing series of organizations and media together gave the beginning of the biggest photo petition in the fight against the insidious disease.


Laparoscopy – Dr. Yancho Delchev:

The Laparoscopy is result of the striving for minimum invasion at the surgical interventions. Essentially it represents endoscopic surgery. At the hospital setting under anesthesia of the abdominal wall are made several small openings (most frequently 2-4), with size up to 1cm. Through the first one is inserted a special miniature camera with which is made an inspection of the organs in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis. The other openings are used for application of different types of instruments for performing the necessary operation (adhesions release, dissecting, cutting and sewing tissues etc.)

The term “bloodless surgery” is not completely accurate as at the laparoscopy there is still bleeding but the quantity of blood loss is many times less compared to the one at the “opened surgery”. Usually the hospital stay after laparoscopic access is much shorter than at classic operation, and also the recovery period after this is shorter and slighter.


The hysteroscopy is endoscopic diagnostic method for ascertaining changes of the uterine cavity and the cervix. The modern hysteroscopic appliances allow in one and the same manipulation to be combined diagnostics and treatment.

The Hysteroscope is optical system of high technology, allowing detailed diagnostic inspection of the whole uterus on the inside and the cervix for a short time. The appliance is supplied with a very thin tip which affords at necessity also to be made therapeutical manipulations.


Bleeding in menopause

Menopause is a normal state for a woman’s body after a certain age, which occurs as a result of a failure of the ovarian hormonal function.  It occurs at a different time for every woman, usually around 50 years old. A typical characteristic is the lack of periodic menstruation. Menopause  is a natural physiological condition and it is usually assumed that a woman is in menopause when her menstrual cycles stop for more than a year.

Every bleeding from the genitals in women who are already in menopause, no matter how intense the bleeding is, is a serious symptom that requires diagnostics and timely consultation with a gynecology specialist. The reasons for the bleeding can be different – from atrophy of the uterine mucosa to cancer.